The Vineyard in Winter

February | 2020

During the winter season the grape vines and apple trees are dormant.   In early winter the grape trees were pruned, and the best branches were selected ready for spring growth. Although the vines seem to be sleeping, it’s a different story beneath the soil. Instead of directing their energy towards producing fruit or new leaf growth, in winter vines expend their energy into their root systems. Roots will grow, soaking up soil nutrients to keep the vine strong during winter, while simultaneously preparing for spring and the emergence of new shoots.

We are currently pruning the apple trees in the orchard. The aim of winter pruning is to shape the tree, remove dead or dying growth and to preserve 1-year-old spurs on which the apples will grow in the future. The best time to do this is between November and March, between leaf fall and the buds opening.


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