Pant Du is a family run Vineyard and Orchard, established in 2007 by Richard and Iola Huws. Pant Du produce includes Wine, Cider, Apple Juice, Spring Water and Honey. Over the years Pant Du have won many awards and accolades for their unique Welsh products.

9 acres of vines and 18 acres of apple trees have been planted on the former farmland, transforming the slopes of Dyffryn Nantlle valley.

Pant Du produce can be bought from the small on-site shop, and our Online Shop.


There are 6 different varieties of vines planted on the slopes of Pant Du - Seyval Blanc, Sigrrebe, Souvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Frühburgunder / Early Pinot Noir, Rondo. These special grape varieties were specifically chosen to work well with the soil and climate conditions here in North Wales. White, Red and Rose wines are produced.


White - Light fresh aromatic dry white wine, very light pale in colour with a hint of elderflower on the nose. On the palate green apple with a touch of citrus and very clean on the finish. Well balanced in its acidity.

Red - Very light and fruity with a strong nose of red berry fruits. Low in tannin. Easy drinkable with great summer fruit flavours on the palate to finish.

Rose - A full flavoured Rose with a vibrant summer fruit and strong wild strawberries on the nose. Nice and light. Good balanced in its acidity with a touch of sweetness to finish.

Our wine available at Pant Du
Local Cider available at Pant Du


3,200 apple trees are planted at the Pant Du Orchard, 2,000 of them are traditional cider apple trees, and the rest are native Welsh apple trees.

Pant Du Cider is pressed from traditional cider apples and Welsh variety apples. The result is a pure craft cider, fresh and fruity, full of apply taste.

Pant Du produces five types of Cider - Dry and Medium Dry, as well as Rhubarb flavoured Cider, Wild Fruit Cider, and Passion Fruit & Lime Cider.


700 of the native Welsh varieties that are plated at Pant Du are Bardsey Apple trees, a variety that was at one time almost extinct. Through planting so many of the trees Pant Du are contributing towards the development and future of the historical apple from the Llyn Peninsula.

Pant Du produces 3 varieties of apple juice. The Still and Sparkling Apple Juice are made using a variety of apples; the Bardsey Apple Juice is made with a single apple variety.

Apple Juice available at Pant Du
SPRING WATER available at Pant Du


The water is filtered naturally as it travels through the Pre-cambrian rocks that are over 500 million years old, as a result the water is exceptionally pure and natural.

The water is balanced in minerals; Low in sodium, and with a perfect pH of 7.35 - the ideal level for the body.


The first Honey pot was produced in 2017.

The bees work tirelessly through Spring flying between the flowers of the apple trees collecting nectar, to produce the honey.

This process by the bees transfers pollen from one apple tree to another, a process that is vital in the formation of apples, that will later be produced into Cider and Apple Juice.

Honey available at Pant Du


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